Concentration in Global & National Security




Undergraduate Degree Concentration

The Global and National Security (GNS) concentration is designed for students who wish to focus on major global, national and human security issues, ranging from intelligence gathering and cyberspace, to environmental sustainability, and conflict resolution.  The emphasis is on acquiring skills in problem solving, research and analysis, technical subjects, policy-making and management, drawing from a wide variety of academic disciplines. 


Careers you can pursue with this degree include:

military officer, intelligence analyst, law enforcement, homeland security official, cyber and human security, international business or law, intercultural communication, diplomacy, conflict resolution, international public health, geography, political science, environmental studies, economics, and teaching.


Degree requirements flyer is available here for those admitted prior to 2022-23, here for students admitted during the 2022-23 catalog year, and here for 2023-24 and beyond.


List of upper division electives is available here




For more information contact:

Brian Vineyard, MPA
Supervisor, Academic Advisement


To schedule an appointment, please visit where you can view his calendar and reserve any available time posted..  You may also find LoboAchieve scheduling instructions here if needed.