Graduation Application

Approximately 1-2 semesters prior to your intended graduation date, and using your UNM email address, please email with the subject "graduation application" and a message that includes:

  1. Your UNM ID#
  2. Your desired graduation semester/year
  3. Any minor(s) you may be pursuing (optional)
  4. A short graduation essay

This graduation essay should be approximately 500 words and describe elements such as how you organized your Plan of Study, what you learned and accomplished pursuing this degree, plans for using your degree in the future, and/or anything else applicable you would like to include.  This essay can be an attachment, or in the body of your email message.  This graduation essay is a checklist item towards having a complete packet for pending degree status and eventual degree certification, but is not assigned a letter grade.   

Please notify of any changes if you have already submitted an application.