Sample Curricula

Other Curriculum Ideas:

  • Concentration in Global and National Security. For more information on this concentration please vist the NSSP website
  • Theme: Human Development and Culture: This theme-based plan of study might combine courses from such areas as Art and Anthropology, Art History, Biology, Education, Family Studies, Linguistics, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Theatre.
  • Theme: The Business of Sport: This plan would combine areas of science such as anatomy, physical education and nutrition with broadcast communications and management skills.
  • Theme: Wellness & the Arts: This plan might be comprised of courses from Art, Dance, Music, and other Fine Arts departments, as well as courses from American Studies, Educational Psychology, Health Education, Nutrition, Physical Education, and Psychology.
  • Theme: Organizational Development: This plan might include courses from Communication & Journalism, Economics, Management, Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences (O.I.L.S.), Professional Writing (English), and Public Administration.