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BIS Graduation Requirements

Students must see an Advisor in the LAIS office to apply for graduation one year prior to that in which they plan to graduate. An “apply to graduate” hold will appear on the student’s account once the student has earned 100 credit hours to remind them of this requirement. At this time, the student and the Advisor will view a Lobotrax Degree Audit specifying the work remaining to be completed for graduation. It should be noted that students are solely responsible for knowing and completing all requirements for graduation from the Integrative Studies program. Students must know how to run and read their LoboTrax Degree Audits in order to check on their graduation progress. We recommend students run and save (or print) an audit each time a change is made to their schedule as audits are not saved in Loboweb.

In addition to adherence to approved plans of study, specific graduation requirements are as follows:

  1. Completion of the University’s core curriculum.

  2. A minimum of 120 semester hours (120 if admitted Fall 2014 on) of earned credit acceptable to the program as defined above.

  3. A minimum cumulative UNM grade point average of 2.00.

  4. A minimum of 51 semester hours earned in courses at the upper-division level (courses numbered 300–499). It should also be noted that transfer courses in which credit was earned at a lower-division designation cannot be transferred as upper-division to count towards a B.I.S. degree.

  5. A minimum grade-point average of 2.00 on all upper-division course work completed at The University of New Mexico.

  6. A minimum of 36 semester hours of academic work earned while enrolled in the Integrative Studies program. This is known as the department residency requirement. (Not to include: credit by exam, transfer credit and/or concurrent enrollment, nonprofessional-physical education and/or music ensemble, or independent study/problems courses unless specifically approved by an LAIS Advisor.) These must include the final 36 hours of enrollment prior to graduation from the program.

  7. A minimum of 15 credit hours of Integrative Studies [LAIS] core courses [150, 310, 311, 399 (x3) & 499]; and an additional 21 credit hours of approved elective courses acceptable to the Integrative Studies degree must be included in the Plan of Study.

  8. Completion of a Capstone Project [LAIS 499] approved by the faculty mentor.

  9. Fulfillment of the University’s residence credit requirement (30 credit hours, including the 15 after 92 rule).