Special Topics Courses

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LAIS 309 – T: Create, Sell, Bank II

Instructor: William Szaroletta

Students will learn to optimize and scale their Create, Sell, Bank I (CSB 1) business, learn details of Good AdWords, continue to create and publish keyword-rich content, deconstruct content from professional-level webinars, and mentor at least one CSB 1 student. [Prerequisites: Create, Sell, Bank I or Permission of Intructor] 

LAIS 309 – T: Create, Sell, Bank: App Design

Instructor: William Szaroletta

This course is designed to teach students to perform innovative processes to help discover needs, learn development frameworks and high-level coding, develop novel applications or services, and market published app(s)/service(s). 

LAIS 309 – T: Student Athlete Identity

Instructor: Crystle Collier

This course explores the notion and manifestation of athletic representations as seen through the lens of student-athlete experiences against the backdrop of American society and the intersections of its socio-cultural and socio-political institutions.

LAIS 309 – T: Peer Health Advocacy

Instructor: Jenna Hagengruber

This course is designed for students interested in Peer Advocacy.  Students will understand the dynamics of dating violence & bystander intervention, the importance of self-care & overall wellness, and various support strategies for addiction & eating disordered eating.  Students will also learn about campus and community resources. 

LAIS 309 – T: The Think Box

Instructor: Nancy Diodati-Miller

Students in this class will use an engineering design process to create useful products of their choice out of recyclable items. The class must first collect reusable items, such as aluminum foil, water bottles, cardboard, paper, juice boxes, chip bags, egg cartons, milk cartons, etc., and bonding materials: duct tape, glue/hot glue and rope/string. The items are repurposed into artistic or useable items within a limited amount of time. Finally, students will develop a marketing campaign for one of their designs and do a presentation for their finale. The activities address the importance of reuse and encourages students to look at ways they can reuse items they would otherwise throw away.

LAIS 309 – T: The Value and Scope of the Global Arts Market

Instructor: Claire Stasiewicz

What does the arts market look like on a local, international, and global scale? What individuals and institutions have a role in the arts, how are they connected, and why do they matter? How do arts organizations, societies, museums, and artists add value to the economy, community, culture, and more? This course will ponder these questions as we visit art societies, museums, public art installations, and studios from Albuquerque to Berlin. By mapping out the value chain of various arts market players, students will discover the value created by these institutions and individuals across the world, and the deeply layered and complexity of firm structure and purpose. By reading about, reflecting on, and analyzing those involved in the market, students will better understand the interconnectedness of the arts market across the world and the multi-layered value system that surrounds the arts.