LAIS Courses

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LAIS 150 – Foundations of Integrative Thought

This course examines the purpose of integrative studies, introduced to different models of integration, and taught how to use those models to approach complex problems, intellectual questions, and challenging issues in society.

LAIS 199 – Customized Curriculum: The Future of Degrees

Students will learn to create career plans that require them to research career options and potential employers, and prepare a developmental roadmap that will lead them to success within the chosen profession.

LAIS 309 – Topics in Integrative Studies

The content of this course varies by semester. It highlights topics of specialized interest in areas of multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research.

LAIS 310 – Investigations in Research: Methodologies and Techniques

This course explores qualitative and quantitative inquiry related to interdisciplinarity. Students will define a research problem, identify and evaluate scholarly research, while considering the interplay of processes, analysis, and ethics in a diverse world.

LAIS 311 – Experiential Learning and Research

This course enables students to learn their concentration areas in an applied setting, while gaining practical experience. The site becomes an experiential learning lab that makes connections between course work and the 21st century workplace.

LAIS 340 – Introduction to Global and National Security

Analyzes issues such as: economics, demography, ecology, energy, health, and geopolitics, with a view towards understanding their implications for global and national security.

LAIS 341 – innovationAcademy

Students complete one of the following experiences: create or develop their business plan, explore funding opportunities for their nascent business, complete an internship (must meet certain requirements), develop, design and create a non-profit entity.

LAIS 342 – Disney College Program Internship

This course is designed to help students reflect upon, evaluate, and apply the knowledge, skills and experiences gained as a Disney College Program participant.

LAIS 343 – Create Sell Bank I

Experience variety of innovation processes (brainstorming, rapid prototyping, sketching, list building, 3D printing, etc.) to help discover products or services at the intersection of your need explorations, self/team capability assessment, and personal interests.

LAIS 409 – Individual Study

Directed study of topics not covered in regular courses. Specific arrangements must be made with a member of the LAIS faculty responsible for supervising the work. A proposed plan of study is normally made at least one semester in advance.