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Welcome Alumni!

UNM ivy

University College is proud to count you in our list of distinct, talented and engaged alumni. Past graduates of the University Studies program, now the LAIS program, have gone on to create unique careers and provide leadership and creative ideas for the organizations and communities in which they work. One in five of our students go on to higher degrees. Today the new cohort of Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies students under the newly-named LAIS program are well on their way to their own impactful, inspiring work.

Below you will see several Alumni Luminaries we thought should be highlighted for their work with UNM and the New Mexico community. You have much to be proud of! If you would like to share your story and why you #loveyourdegree, please be in touch and we would be happy to highlight your work as well.

We need your help to create the BUS/LAIS Alumni Association! Anyone interested in starting or joining the association, please be in touch with us.

If you are interested in making a financial contribution to help another generation love their degree, please donate to the Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies Programs Fund

This fund supports the multidisciplinary mission of the Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies Programs in University College, including support for experiential education, outreach to the community and expansion of services to branch campuses and partners throughout New Mexico.  The UNM Foundation promotes excellence at the University of New Mexico by raising, investing and managing private gifts through the cultivation of long-term partnerships with donors, and by matching their interests to the University’s priorities.

Interested in mentoring a UNM student? Sign up here.

From the Director, Dr. Tracy Skipp

"As I reflect on my last 20 years at UNM I remember so many names and faces of the thousands of you that I have advised. The hours we spent talking about how unique each one of you were, and your dreams for the future. This is a great opportunity for you to reach out and let us know where you’ve been and where you’re going. Let’s reconnect and inspire the next 20 years of creative thinkers!"

From the Dean, Dr. Kate Krause

"I am always meeting people who graduated from this program, and have heard so many wonderful stories about their individual educational paths and what their degrees have done for them professionally and personally. What a diverse and inspiring alumni family! We hope you will continue to share your stories and follow the stories of fellow University Studies, Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies graduates."