Student Holds

Student Holds

The Liberal Arts & Integrative Studies advisement holds are in place to ensure that students are making progress towards their degree requirements.  The holds are placed on student accounts and may affect registration (adding/dropping courses).  Below are common LAIS advisement holds, as well as information on additional holds you may encounter, and how to resolve each one of them:

Apply to Graduate 

Students who have earned at least 90+ credit hours, have been admitted to the Liberal Arts Program but do not yet have a graduation record on file, receive this hold.  We added this hold in effort to ensure anyone planning on graduating this semester is on track to graduate during their intended semester and to better meet the needs of students in future terms.  

To resolve this hold, you can submit your Graduation Application online at  We will then receive your application, create a graduation record and remove your hold.  If you have already submitted your graduation application, but need to update your graduation semester, please contact your advisor. 

Probation or Academic Review Holds

Students will receive a Probation or Academic Review hold if their cumulative GPA falls below the required standard. Students are required to schedule an advisement appointment with an advisor through LoboAchieve to resolve the hold. 

Additional Holds

There are several other common hold types you may encounter during your time at UNM.  For more information on student holds and how to resolve them, please visit StudentInfo.