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Message from the Dean

Dear Students,

Students at the University of New Mexico have so many options! In Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies, we are committed to helping you find the degree path that meets your needs and supports you on your educational journey.

Higher education, like the rest of the world, has become more complex. Issues like environmental sustainability, international human rights, global economic relationships, and rapid technological change can be studied from multiple perspectives. For many students, a single major in a single subject area just isn’t enough.

Our degrees help students develop the tools they need to live and work in an interdisciplinary world. The Bachelors of Liberal Arts allows students to use the courses they have taken and plan to take to create a multi-disciplinary major. The Bachelors of Integrative Studies is awarded to students who have designed their own degree plan, one that includes a structured sequence of Interdisciplinary Methods courses and courses drawn from across the campus. BIS students also complete field work, applying what they are learning.

If you believe that your educational journey would be best served by one of our unique, personalized degrees, please contact us. We would love to help you become all that you dream - and more.

Kate Krause